Buenos Aires in the News

July 18th, 2012-

After taking Dr. K's class, I've found myself coming across articles written on Buenos Aires fairly often. As an urban planning student, I frequent many websites and blogs about cities from around the world. I thought it appropriate to share some of the articles I have come across, and will in the future, about the city and it's inhabitiants on this page.



Youth-Focused Neighborhood Improvement in Buenos Aires

by Nate Berg, The Atlantic Cities


The city of Buenos Aires is paying close attention to its kids. After Mayor Mauricio Macri was re-elected to a second term in July 2011, he put the city's youth high up on his agenda. As a result, the city's Youth Policy Office saw its annual budget soar from $800,000 to $8 million...


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The (South) American Dream: Argentina's Pro.Cre.Ar and the Universal Desire for Suburbia

by Drew Reed, This Big City


In developed countries, the dialogue relating to urban planning issues seems to follow a familiar tack. The status quo is represented by Surburbia; challenging this position is the “new urbanist” idea that cities should be remade to be denser and more walkable. There may be scads of practical benefits to the new urbanist model, but in a culture where home ownership is seen as the ultimate indicator of a successful life, selling new urbanism is about as easy as convincing a five-year-old  at a birthday party to eat carrots instead of cake.


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